To tour Colombia (without leaving home) here we suggest 7 national movies that are TREMENDOUS. If you can think of another one, share it with us in the comments…

Sofia and the stubborn

Dir. Andrés Burgos.

Sofía is an older woman who has never left her town and is obsessed with getting to know the sea. Together with her husband Alfredo, she leads a calm and predictable life at the top of the Andean mountain range, however, her husband's bad habits have postponed his dream. Sofia, sick and afraid that life will not give her another chance, embarks on a curious and colorful journey through different parts of the country, meeting different people on her way...

wandering girl

Directed by Rubén Mendoza.

Ángela is twelve years old and has three half sisters: the four of them know each other, summoned by the death of a charismatic bum, their father. Angela never lived with anyone other than her dad and she doesn't remember her mom. As a result of her father's death, her sisters will leave her on the other side of the country with an aunt to prevent her from being in charge of the State. On this journey of mourning, especially while they share a room in a roadside hotel, Ángela, in full awakening of her body, recognizes with each of her sisters femininity, sensuality, the mysteries of pleasure and pain, the body, the misfortune and challenge of being a woman on these roads.

The Serpent's Embrace

Dir. Cirro Guerra

It tells the story of Karamakate, a powerful shaman from the Amazon, the last survivor of his tribe, who lives deep in the jungle in voluntary isolation. Decades of solitude have turned him into a person devoid of memories and emotions. His empty existence will be altered by the arrival of Evan, an ethnobotanist in search of a powerful sacred plant, capable of teaching to dream. Together they will embark on a journey to the heart of the Amazon jungle, in which Karamakate will gradually recover his lost memories.

summer birds

Dir. Ciro Guerra

The origins of drug trafficking in Colombia as seen through the eyes of a Wayuu indigenous family involved in the booming business of selling marijuana to American youth in the 1970s.


Dir. Alejandro Landes

In an isolated mountainous setting, eight armed teenage guerrillas hold an American engineer and a dairy cow captive. When his mission is threatened, he begins a journey that will put the established order and his brotherhood at risk. Survival can be a wild game.

Jericho, the infinite flight of days

Dir. Catalina Mesa

A collection of portraits of eight women from Jericó, a picturesque town in the Antioquia region of northwestern Colombia. Their stories show a vision of life full of wisdom, courage and a sense of humor. An intimate vision of a municipality that becomes a celebration of the feminine spirit of Colombian culture.

The path of the anaconda

Dir. Alessandro Angulo

Documentary about the journey of two old friends who explore one of the most remote areas of the Amazon jungle. Wade Davis and Martín Von Hildebrand travel through this region along the Apaporis River where they meet different communities that for more than 500 years have resisted the changes of the colonizing society and have managed to protect the forest that surrounds them.