Downtown’s hidden cultural nightlife

Downtown’s hidden cultural nightlife

$50 per person
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In this experience, we will explore the places where the culture of the city flourishes.

Once the most important part of the city, the center has now been transformed by different dynamics leading people from Medellín to avoid this place. But you will see that the true culture of our city is right here. If you look closer you will see that the center is home to the majority of artists and cultural managers and that if you really want to find out who we are this is the most authentic location.


On this experience, we will explore the places where the culture of the city flourishes. Walking through the center we will see how there are different projects trying to bring people back to this area and to promote art as an essential aspect of social development. They do this through constant activities like concerts, galleries, talks, workshops and more!


We want to show you these projects and places that many visitors don’t see when they come to Medellín and that are transforming our environment.


1: a bar with more than 60 years that takes you to the 50’s, has a large photo gallery of the old Medellín.


2: in the 80’s and 90’s there were around 100 tango bars, only a few like this one survived.


3: this 120 years old house brings space to art, literature. Is also the home to one of the most revolutionary music record in town.


NOTE: Some of these cultural houses have different events every day so every tour is unique! Don’t be afraid to go to the center by night. We know well the area and we’ll walk through safe parts of it.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Poblado metro station
  • Departure Time
    8 pm
  • Included
    2 beers or 2 shots of aguardiente
    Medical assistance insurance
  • Not Included
    Boat ride
    English guidance
    Payment to local guides
    Private transport
    Ticket to Peñol
    Tickets to all public transportation during the tour
    Unspecified elements
    Wakeboard or wakesurf class
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Tours Reviews
  • Judith
    Great evening tour

    Great evening tour – I could never have done this on my own.

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  • Peter
    Great tour

    Great tour. Saw a new side of Medellín. Many of the places we went to I’m already planning to return to.

    Actitud guía Originalidad Tiempo
  • Dominique
    Excellent experience

    It was an excellent experience and a great opportunity to visit different places in the center that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own. Andrés is a great guide and very knowledgable about the cultural scene. I definitely recommend this tour.

    Actitud guía Originalidad Tiempo
  • Robert
    I had a blast.

    Andres was the perfect host. he showed me some amazing places and gave me great insight into Columbia’s history. I’ll look forward to hanging out with him again when I’m back in Medellin . Thanks bro! I had a blast .

    Actitud guía Originalidad Tiempo
  • Jimmy
    I highly recommended this experience

    Andres was an exceptional guide! He took us to unknown parts of the city that we would have never seen on our own. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and super fun to spend time with. He had led an all day tour right before ours, but was still full of energy and excitement to show us around. He is very passionate about the city of Medellín. I highly recommended this experience. Andres is great!

    Actitud guía Originalidad Tiempo
  • Lucas
    Really great tour!

    If you’re in Medellín, do this experience. You will not regret it. Andrés is a great person and very knowledgable about the history of Medellín and what’s going on now. You’ll also get to experience the city center at night, which most tourists won’t set foot in, and it’s a super cool place with a ton of culture and history. I had a great night and it was one of the highlights of my time in Medellín.

    Actitud guía Originalidad Tiempo
  • Jessica
    Would happily recommend it to others

    Our group had a great time checking out different venues in the city center area with Andres! Most of these places felt like local spots that tourists might not hear about or venture into, which made the experience all the more valuable for us. Andres was both knowledgeable and friendly, so the tour was informative but it also felt like a fun night out with a friend. It was really fun and unique to experience the city center nightlife in the way a local might and everyone we met during the tour was incredibly friendly. I would definitely book this tour again & would happily recommend it to others who are interested in a fun night out in Medellin!

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  • Matt
    A once in a lifetime experience

    Andrés took us to places we would have never gone. He got us tables we would never get on our own. It was a once in a lifetime experience to meet and connect with people. This is ideal for a tourist who is looking to get out of El Pablado to see what local people actually do at night. I’ll never forget this experience. PS: I really recommend pairing this experience with Andrés other experience: “Medellín through the famers’ eyes!” The two are very different, but I think give a really unique view of the city when put together. However, I’m sure that every experience that Andrés does is great and unforgettable.

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