I travelled to New Zealand in 2013 for 6 months. I was 17 and went to do a semester of the last year of high school. I had never been out of my home country Colombia on my own but I was feeling very excited and expected a lot. Since I had already finished school I just took the fun subjects: photography, cooking, woodwork, English, and outdoor education. This last one was the best. It wasn’t only super fun, it showed me things that I had no idea I would like so much. I learnt to rock climb, white water kayak, go on trekkings and survival camping. It’s like I opened my eyes, my scope got broader. Since then I realized I loved outdoors and I wanted to spend as much as I could doing activities like this. So I thought, this country is so well organized on tourism and they do very well. It has 10 times less people than Colombia and the whole territory of the kiwi country can fit 4 times in the Colombian one. So, why are we not working on tourism?

We are the second most biodiverse country in the world, we have the world’s largest amount of bird species, we have an unexplored territory due to decades of violence and we are closer and closer to have peace!

3 years later
After the trip to NZ I discovered a passion but didn’t know how to link it with my daily life and even work. By 2016 I started to get interested on how tourism was being developed and found a lot of great things but also a lot of informality, low quality services and specially everyone doing the exact same things. I found as well that the growth of tourism in Colombia was almost 3 times over the world average! On this year I created an academic project to see if it was worth creating a tourism company. The result? Absolutely yes. On that year and the following I focused on finishing university so was not even thinking on creating a company yet. But I knew I wanted to.

2 years later
I have a friend that has started many companies and is always looking to start more and to find new opportunities. He knew from long ago that I had the idea of starting a company to provide cool experiences and he shared the perception that it could work. On march of 2018 I called him to see if he had any projects in mind to develop. I was about to finish uni and was looking to start something but definetly not at an office at a regular company. That day we talked again about the idea of starting a company and we decided to research and take a decision. After a week I said yes and he said yes so we started working. Before our first formal meeting I already knew who the third partner should be. Was a friend of my whole life with whom I shared the passion of travelling, nature and entrepreneurship. He said yes immediately. To make it shorter we worked for three months together but then decided that the partnership was not working as we thought it would so the best thing was to split and I would keep working on it since I was the one with the idea. I got really stressed with taking this decision because they are close friends and I didn’t want to damage our friendship. The best thing is that they both took it very well and kept our friendship like nothing happened.

6 months later
Nomad is succesfully providing experiences, growing and reinventing itself everyday. I work on it everyday with a motivation that I had never felt. I feel absolutely happy with this project and I wanted to share this experience with my guests and anyone interested on it.

What is Nomad’s purpose?

I found it very hard to decide what to study. I liked businesses but also felt great and kind of on obligation to help people that didn’t have the opportunities I had. On the sector of tourism I found a way to mix the two things. By bringing people to places I make vulnerable communities visible, promote their social development by interacting with people from all over the world, provide a new way of income on a fun way and promote the development of new micro-economies inside each destination.

So again, what is Nomad’s purpose?

Is to generate progress on each community we visit. I strongly believe that tourism can literally take people out of poverty, improve life quality and provide new perspectives of reality. All of this while my guests have an unforgettable experience and take part of the transformation I want to make.